Sandra's orange fritters



It's Carnival time again.
Once upon a time, before Lent began, it was customary to indulge in sweets and treats of all kinds, and it still is.

Sandra Bianchi has a face as sweet as the delicacies she has been offering every day since 1997 in her pastry shop in Borgo Giannotti, and an innovative and contemporary vision in the world of sweets, where she always introduces new proposals with singular peculiarities, but to be shared with everyone, otherwise, what's the taste?

For this Carnival he gives us the recipe for orange fritters. It is very simple and requires little preparation time.

What you need (for about 6 people)

Flour 00 250g
Sugar 90g
Lactose-free mascarpone (lactose < 0.001%) 50g, which you can replace with lactose-free or vegetable yoghurt
Eggs 2
Grated zest of half an orange
Baking powder 8g
Squeezed orange juice 50ml
Caster sugar or icing sugar to dust the pancakes once cooked
High-oleic sunflower oil for frying

How you make:

We mix all the ingredients and, once we have obtained a homogeneous cream, with the help of two spoons, we dip small balls of dough in hot oil, let them cook, drain with a skimmer and place them on a plate covered with paper towels.
Dab with paper towels and dip in caster sugar or dust with icing sugar.

Here it is, and happy Carnival!


L'angolo Dolce
Borgo Giannotti, 391
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le frittelle di sandra