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Voices, images and smells tell what was the tobacco factory in the city of Lucca, waiting to become something else.
After the tours made in recent weeks in the places of the factory town of tobacco, just before the installation of the construction site that between now and 2017 will return to the city this space that is both physical and memory, now the council again calls upon the citizens of Lucca and not only to approach the history and many stories that manufacturing is still able to tell the city.

The protagonists of the old factory will relive the memories on the scene, the passions, the everyday details of life of cigar makers who have worked and lived in this place with work and emancipation.
The evening will also be an opportunity to see the mayor Alessandro Tambellini as actor / interviewer of exception.

At 21:50 will screen the video "A city within a city" which tells the spaces of this great part of the city and its long history.

Lucca, Teatro del Giglio
March 30, 2015
free admission

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Teatro del Giglio
Piazza del Giglio 13/15 Lucca
Biglietteria: Tel. +39 0583 465320 (informazioni e vendita) - +39 0583 467521 (acquisti carta di credito) - biglietteria@teatrodelgiglio.it
biglietteria online: www.boxol.it

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