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In the course of a few years Lorenzo Citti and Angela data, photo enthusiasts and history of the city, they surveyed and photographed within the walls of Lucca about 130 coats of arms, places of palaces, churches and buildings, often placed above the entrance doors or facades and from families representative of the oligarchy's political and economic status of Lucca or religious bodies and laity.

From this work came the idea of ​​a show, that through these 'signs' traces the history of the city and of the families of origin more or less old that helped give Lucca the urban image that today vediamo.Un digital medium allows on display in each of building your own personal journey; are finally exposed some examples of coats of arms in stone, marble, ceramic from the city and deposited in the National Museums of Lucca. The visit to the exhibition and the city also boasts a route in the Museum of Villa Guinigi: the monumental staircase at the entrance, along the walls of which are coats of arms of families belonging to the nobility of Lucca and in the Museum rich in works whose execution you must own the client aristocratic town.

Lucca Casermetta Museo nazionale di Villa Guinigi
2015 march 27 to june 13
thuesday to saturday 11.00 - 17.00
free admission

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Casermetta del Museo nazionale di Villa Guinigi
via della Quarquonia, Lucca
Tel. +39 0583 496033

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