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dal 15-11-2014 al 29-3-2015

"Where the sky is closer," is a site-specific project of the Tuscan artist Moira Ricci, by Emanuela De Cecco, consisting of a series of photographs and two video focused on the land, the land in crisis, less and less cultivated, always more abandoned by farmers who are unable to support themselves with their work.
"Where the sky is closer" is a trajectory of the gaze, a tension, a desire. Like all movements aimed in this direction can only succeed by bringing the weight toward the ground. To ascend you must ensure a solid base. Well aware of the trees that grow need strong roots, know the climbers who need fixed points to proceed in their ascent, they know all those that leap, dancing, those trying to heal, those trying to fly, those who pray, dream, those who want to change, those who want to get away, for all is a necessary step.
"Where the sky is closer," says the artist "is a prayer to heaven, but also a threat to who controls us from above, is a portrait of farms that have lost their identity and their meaning, is a attempt to escape while the inability to implement it. "

Capannori, tenuta dello scompiglio
2014 november 15
/ 2015 March 29,

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