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Words, images and music, here is the planning of meetings cult of "Friday I'm in love."

the programme

January 16
Phil Ochs utopia of Hope - Federica Ferrari
accompanied by stefano Barotti, she will tell us about the life and songs of an abnormal artist , suspended between music and news. Too dreamer to collide with reality too fragile to survive the fall of his ideals.

January 30
Punk - rotten, dirty and stupid - Carlo Puddu and Marco Giusti -
Dirty rotten and stupid, under the title "1977" the sound of a revolution. "The detailed story and accurate the last cry of the rock. The band and the artists of the seminal season so coarse as ruthless and essential.

February 13
Peter Gabriel: Except the unexcepted - Federica Spilimbergo
After the adventure with the Genesis, the journey in the "real world" of a visionary artist who has broken down the frontiers of music defining the new horizons of art and engaging for a better world, remembering and reminding us that music and now they walk beside.

February 27
Nick Drake: A life without fingerprints - John Measure
The belated consecration and surprising mystery of a boy who has changed the face of author music. Phenomenology of a myth that continues to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

March 13
Muse: The Origin of Symmetry with Federica Spilimbergo
History of a band that has explored different musical genres together and racked up record after record. by sold out at Wembley, the scores, the ride to the success of the Muse, including conspiracies, paranoia, Stockholm syndrome ... and cans of beans

March 27
New Wave: The 'other' 80's - Stefania Petroni and Carlo Puddu
The heartquake of punk causes a tidal wave that shakes, seduces, overwhelms the lands of the Rock. In the heart of the Talking Heads, Japan, in Gary Numan, there is the same freshness and vehemence of punk, but there is the electronics and the fascination of art

April 10
David Bowie: The London period - René Bassani
realized album that become classics, an endless sequence of unbeaten songs. He left behind a trail of imitators, but without his uniqueness, ambiguity, intelligence, genius, the story, the more important solo singer of England.

April 24
Tom Waits: Rain Dogs Variations - Lorenzo Mei
from folk of the early tonoisy trials, passing through classic blues songwriting -jazz. One of the most important voices of the last forty years, always outside the box and away from fashion.

May 8
Nick Cave: The Bad Seed - René Bassani
The Good and Evil, hell, the redemption of a damned poet lend (and never returned) to Rock. The greatest songwriter in between the 80s 90s, a trip in the depths of the human soul, a sore hand polished and moving in its own way revealing.

May 29
Soul Music: The Rhythm & Blues and the emancipation of blacks in America-Carlo Puddu
The soul was the soundtrack of the struggle for civil rights in America '60s crossed by a dream. The dream of a country where skin color was not a problem, he realized before all the music Soul. When the white boys came down to dance with the "niggers".

Lucca, SkyStone, piazza Napoleone
january16 / may 29  at 21.00
free admission

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Sky Stone and Song
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