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The event, winter extension of the homonymous summer initiative, announces itself with a rich program of interesting events, will be held at Villa Gherardi, home of the library "Fratelli Rosselli", Barga.Tutti of the meetings will be introduced by Joan Stefani, Head of Culture the town of Barga, and Maria Luisa Livi, librarian.

Saturday, March 12
10:30am Theatre of Different presentation of the book "La guerra è finita", the student riots of '77. Meeting with the writer Lucia Guarano, correspondent for the Huffington Post, Al Jazeera and T-Magazine Qatar.

5.00pm Library (Villa Gherardi) will talk about an Italian hero presenting the book "Nazario Sauro. Storia di un marinaio "(La Musa Talia) Romano Sauro.

Saturday, March 19
5:00pm Library (Villa Gherardi) “De… Homine Cornuto… ed altre singolari storie narrate nel XVI e XVII secolo da illustri Medici curanti e da valenti Cronisti” (de homine Horned ... ... and other strange stories told in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries by illustrious GP and talented chroniclers) Arturo Viglione. The title of the book, although deliberately malicious, should not mislead the reader. It is a weighty essay on the "horns" phenomenon that, taking his cue from anatomical descriptions of doctors at the turn of the Baroque Age and the early modern age, comes to treat of contemporary Age series, also examining the legal aspects and costume of the Horns Human phenomenon. It presents the book Brunella Bertoni.

Saturday, April 2
4:00pm Library (Villa Gherardi) will be held the event dedicated to Iranian director Keyman Karimi arrested by the regime in Tehran and sentenced at first instance to six years in prison and 223 lashes. Karimi is accused of "insulting the sacred" for having made a film about graffiti in the capital. During the event will screen the documentary film "Broken border", which helps to enter the world on the border between Iran and Iraq, and allows "Western" to better understand how you live in those areas. The event in collaboration with Amnesty International.

5:00 pm Library (Villa Gherardi) “Il mastro il sigaro e la sedia" (The Maestro, the cigar and the chair) (Tra le righe libri) by Beppe Calabretta. A Vela, a fictional village of Ionian coast of Calabria, born live and die Vincenzo Torrini master carpenter. The tale his life is combined with that of the closest relatives and that of his two friends, Ciccio and Pico. the decisive factor is the encounter with "Mastro Andrea", which, besides teaching him the art of working wood, directs him to knowledge, encourages him to study, he reveals the mysteries of sex and love, it stimulates the formation of civil consciousness and responsibility.

Saturday, April 9
5:00pm Library (Villa Gherardi) will host the lawyer and writer Alessia Sorgato, an expert on child abuse and the author of the wise women “Giù le mani dalle donne” (Hands off women - Mondadori) with a preface by Maurizio Costanzo. The numbers are from war bulletin: 62 million women in Europe have experienced physical and / or sexual violence and 67% of victims of abuse in the family has denounced him. Alessia Sorgato, a Supreme Court specialist in criminal law of victims, with a simple and effective language guides us in the meanders of the law, it speaks of courage and fragility, of awareness and hope, all that happens when a woman decides to open a door - or rather a set of doors - to tell his story and denounce ... the event is in collaboration with the equal opportunities Commission of the City of Barga.

Saturday, April 16
5:00 pm Library (Villa Gherardi) will present the writer Alessandra Monasta author of “La cacciatrice di bugie” (The lies hunter) (Longanesi). A job to which all we often hear about but in reality no one really knows. We're talking the speaker expert to the courts and the prosecution most important in Italy. Easy to think that the intercepts are simply transcribed ... but it does not. We must listen to the voices. Identify them. Recognizing the changing emotions and write it down. Distinguish the moments of lucidity of the speaker than those apparent or real, alteration ... Should be able to figure out who is telling the truth and when ... And above all we must learn to determine who is lying.

biblioteca Comunale fratelli Rosselli, via Giannetti,
march 12 / 19,  April  2/9/16 2016
free admission

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