SEMBIANZE - personal exhibition by Marco Host

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dal 2-3-2015 al 24-4-2015

Marco Host, an artist born in the nearby region of the Apuan Alps, in this exhibition turns his thoughts to current events driving the imagination of the public towards financial pollution, one of the causes of the recent economic crisis.

A complaint against the "white collar" from overseas, who for pure professional vanity dragged hundreds of companies to the collapse.

From the illustrations, made with mixed techniques, oozes obsession towards matter money which ambition is to stand as a symbol of the metropolis. The goal, however, is thwarted by security devices that place before individual vanity values ​​such as transparency to reward the quality of honesty.

 The exhibition is sponsored by the Museum Ugo Guidi.
In the days Thursday, March 26 and Friday, April 24 from 17,00 to 18:30, the artist will meet the public.
SEMBIANZE - personal exhibition by Marco Host
Viareggio, Finanza & Futuro Deutsche Bank, 209 Via Sant'Andrea
 March 2 / April 24, Mon-Fri 9.30-13.00 / 15.30-17.00
Free admission

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