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Small performance, signed by artists who have debuted in various theaters of Europe,. blooming in the vaults and the colonnades of the church of St. Christopher. Learn again to see things as they are, in their simplicity and therefore in their greatness and uniqueness. The wonder in the emotion of a staging, the grace notes of a poetic song ...
The representations speak of Legality as fundamental and foundational value of every human life, the beauty as an element of rebirth and knowledge of the territory of Lucca, and finally, the Amazement, as the discovery of new languages ​​of the soul and of course a daily fact of respect mutual tolerance and sharing. Made by Famous artists who received awards and unknown artists to the Italian public and for this reason unique and rare flowers.


November 14, 2014

Mutu by and featuring Aldo Rape and Marco Carlino directed by Laura Versari.
A story that is a time bomb. Saro and Salvuccio. The priest and the mafia. A story of two brothers. Two vocations compared. Two men under the gaze of the same god. together after so many years. Muti, all were silent for years, silent hunger and need. But one day the conscience and the blood began to scream.
coup de coeur du club de la Presse best foreign show 2012 - Festival of Avignon Off 2012 official selection - Italian Theatre Festival - New York 2014

December 19, 2014
The passion of Mary Magdalene written and directed by Laura Versaro with Sonia de Meo
The passion of Mary Magdalene is a hymn to love, a metaphor for the passion that everyone has within himself but spent can not hear, nor to define, but its discovery is a source of joy.

January 9, 2014
Fragmentae Animae, for Laura. From the sonnets of Petrarch, a show of Vincent Lo Iacono.
intimate and poetic show in verses for a spiritual journey.
The extraordinary voice of singer Vincent Lo Iacono, notes by
French composer  Jean, Sebastien Bressy for the sonnets of Petrarch, nine sonnets of Rerum Vulgarium Fragmenta, more commonly known as the Song Book, which contains 366.
Success Off Avignon Festival in 2013.

February 21, 2014
I corteggiatori  by and with Vito de Girolamo and Carlo Lo Iodice
A show entirely dedicated to the love of poetry with the most beautiful poetic verses of '900. A show was born with the desire to address the comedy with elegance and pure fun, where poetry and humor bind perfectly in a game attorale continuous and full of twists.
Official Selection, Italian Theatre Festival, New York 2014.

March 18, 2015 National Day of Anti-Mafia
One step from heaven. by and with Aldo turnips, directed by Nicholas True.
The story of a boy, Calogero, still a child, after witnessing the murder of his parents. The tale of a Sicilian boy and his faithful companion Gino, a puppet.
Prize Ernesto Calindri, Splinters auotre 2005. The court Ant 2005 and 2005 Award observatory.

April 17, 2015
Themes piano solo with Alberto Iovene
a musical project for one of the best talents of Italian jazz.
A new progeto live pianist Alberto Iovene entitled "Themes" is divided into ten original compositions with a strong character "filmic". All songs composed, in fact, represent a particular expression of the composition vein of the pianist: a song that you listen to semrpe in his pen and that gives magically fascinating topics, on several occasions related to moving images on film.

Lucca, Chiesa di San Cristoforo
2014 november14 /2015 april 17
at 9.15 pm
ticket € 15.00

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