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dal 6-12-2014 al 12-4-2015

Villa Argentina, reopened only two weeks ago,  is preparing to host its first great exhibition.
In the monumental  halls frescoed by Giuseppe Biasi and decorated by Galileo Chini will be exhibited some paintings by the undisputed master of Italian Expressionism Lorenzo Viani from Viareggio, combined with vintage photographs taken by the doctor and photographer Guido Zeppinion the front of Carso.
One hundred years since the outbreak of the First World War, the exhibition pays homage to Viareggio and to its nearly 400 fallen, dedicating to them this unusual exhibition.

The iconographic-documentary part will be enriched with a number of findings regarding Viani and Zeppini, and other objects coming from the heirs of the fighters who left from Viareggio and the surrounding areas.
The exhibition which is part of the celebrations for the centenary of the First World War 2014-2018 is curated by Dr. Enrico Dei and presents different levels of reading:
a) the celebratory aspects related to the tragic centenary of the Great War,
b) the most intimate and introspective linked to the territory and the direct protagonists
c) the historical and documentary level, also journalistic, represented by the photographs of Zeppini and by Viani's letters from the front: images of dead soldiers, the atmosphere of war and depictions of cemeteries,
d) the artistic level, or the drawings and charcoals by Viani, often portraits of soldiers made on of lightweight and recovery materials.
The inauguration will take place on Saturday, December 6 at 5:00 p.m in the presence of the authorities. On that date, it is advisable to book in advance at the telephone number 0584-359322.
Viareggio, Villa Argentina
December 6, 2014 / April 12, 2015; h. 10.00/13:00 - 15:30/18:30. Closed on Monday, December 25 and January 1
free admission

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Villa Argentina
Viareggio, via Fratti ang. via Vespucci 
Info: +39 334-6490850

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