I SENTIERI DI ARTEMISIA- venerdì letterari

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The new literary salon promotes literature in its various forms and expressions welcome until next June local authors and writers Italians and foreigners. A full program and quality achieved through the collaboration of Zona Franca Publisher, associations' Il Melograno, 'The Wheel' and 'Ithaca' and Mission Office of the Diocese of Lucca.
Here is the program of 'The Friday literary' that will take place in the Hall Pardi at Artémisia at 21.00.
In addition to the presentation of volumes will be held dialogues with some authors on specific issues.
Friday, January 16
dialogue with Massimo Silvotti, director of the Museum of Poetry of Piacenza "Ungaretti and the Great War: the miracle of the abyss";

Friday, January 23
Irene Morfini, Egyptologist, "The Queen of the Valley of the Desert" Ediciones to Aegyptum;

Friday, January 30
Paul Quattrini, Gestalt psychotherapist, "For a psychology of the character" e-book;

Friday, February 6
Fabrizio Brecevich, writer "Complexity candy mint" EuropaEdizioni;

Friday, February 13

dialogue with Giuseppe Cederna writer and actor, "The Adventures of a traveling storyteller. From the mountains of the Himalayas to the Karst of the Great War. From the island of the Mediterranean to Hollywood;

Friday, February 20
Enzo Boncompagni surgeon and journalist "Cardiology for all";

Friday, February 27

dialogue with Ilide Carmignani, translator "History of a meeting infinite: the experience of literary translation work of Luis Sepúlveda";

Friday, March 6
Liliana Di Ponte, writer, "The outstanding balance of herons" Zone Editions;

Friday, March 13
Edda Bresciani, Egyptologist "The treasures of the tomb of Queen Nefertari to 100 years of the discovery by the Italian expedition";

Friday, March 20
Kossi Komila-Ebri "Imbarazzismi" Newspapers embarrassments in black and white. Dell'Arco editions;

Friday, March 27
Simone Meschi Association 'To San Pietro' 'My San Pietro ";

Friday, March 31
(Arté) Federico Rampini, journalist "All you need is love", Edizioni Mondadori;

Friday, April 10

Luciano Luciani, author, "The donzelline" Edizioni ETS;

Friday, April 24
Gianluca Meschi, writer "The Stepford Wives," Carmignani Publishing;

Friday, May 8
Andrea Bocconi, psychosynthesis psychotherapist, "Writing as self-care and care as the Self";

Friday, May 15
Tendai Huchu author of Zimbabwe, "The Barber of Harare," Terre editions of books;

Friday, May 22
Simone Pollo, philosopher, "The Moral of Nature", Laterza Editore;

Friday, May 29
Ubah Cristiba Al Farah "The Commander of the River", 66thand2nd Publisher;

Friday, June 5
Matteo Santangelo astronomer, director of observatory Capannori, 'The sky of Capannori: the activities of the Astronomical Observatory ". Planning a meeting for next fall:

Friday, November 13
5.00 pm hours at Artè will be presented the book by Claudio Naranjo psychotherapist and anthropologist, "Love, consciousness and psychotherapy" Xenia editions.

I SENTIERI DI ARTEMISIA- venerdì letterari
Capannori, loc. Tassignano
January 16 / November 13, 2015 - 21:00
free admission

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Polo Culturale Artemisia
Capannori via dell'aeroporto, 10 - Tassignano
tel. +39 0583 428434

Biblioteca G.Ungaretti
tel 0583 936427 -  artemisia @comune.capannori.lu.it.


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