TEATRO DEI RASSICURATI in MOntecarlo - Il più bel secolo della mia vita

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The harmonious and tiny oval room, capable of 200 seats, is surrounded by a double row of 22 equally tiny boxes, plus the four proscenium. The environment plays miniature structural characteristics and environment of the classic "Opera" of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

On the tiny stage also passed the whole repertoire of Italian opera, from Rossini to Bellini, Donizetti to Verdi, and nineteenth-century opera composers minor, today almost forgotten. After 1871, the young Giacomo Puccini attended the Theatre Reassured, during trips to Monte Carlo with his sister Ramelde, governess at home Macarini-Carmignani, today Palazzo Lavagna in via Carmignani. In 1894 the theater was once again restored and enlarged with the addition of the four "barcacce" proscenium.

For the 2017 season a billboard quite varied, with interpreters experienced alternating with proposals for new drama. Eight performances from January to April, for a billboard that skillfully blend classical and modern repertoire, involving big names in theater, television and music.


Friday, January 20

h 21.15 - Ciampi ve lo faccio vedere io, with Bobo Rondelli, Fabio Marchiori on keyboards and Filippo Ceccarini on trumpet.
A dry and essential to show that the singer Bobo Rondelli Livorno devotes illustrious countryman Piero Ciampi, maker of masterpieces that in the seventies have reinvented our music copyright and made it immortal poet.

Friday, February 3
h 21:15 - Il più bel secolo della mia vita with Giorgio Colangeli, Francesco Montanari and Maria Gorini.
The story in key tragicomic of the wound inflicted to children abandoned at birth. The complaint of a typical country paradoxical situation that prohibits to know the truth about his origins up to their hundredth year.

Saturday, February 18
h 21:15  - La famiglia campione with Francesco Rotelli, Sarteanesi Francesca, Giulia and Luca Zacchini Zacchini
A family like many others, the family champion, just because it comes from stories of hundreds of people I met on the street. We thus find ourselves before three generations face enclosed in a portrait hanging in time, revealing how each is his grandfather, father and son of himself.

Saturday, March 11
h 21:15 - Scoop! by Katia Beni, Donatella Diamanti, Anna Meacci.
Katia Beni and Anna Meacci, through their irreverent comedy, bring into play and staged their own, proving that the world is diverse and always, but because it can also be beautiful you need a little 'commitment. And this is their Scoop!

Friday, March 24
h 21.15 - Shows on site - Archè, directing and dramaturgy image Kety Di Basilio, assistant director Silvia Ceccarelli, Sergio Giannini art direction, production Ass. And Or creative edge.
A play by contemporary theater born of decades of laboratory theatrical experience put forth by And Or, creative edge. Exploration leading figure in the existence of human needs, going beyond cultural differences, retracing our history, each his own. The experimentation has led to give body and to form images and hear inner coreutica through a ritual targeted to the search accuracy, the voltage and the effectiveness of the gesture. Be alive in this form it develops a figure-ground game, where the actors are participants and active viewers and the word becomes a whisper times of life.


Saturday 25 and Sunday, March 26
h 21:15 - Spettacoli in cantiere - staged students laboratories And Or creative images (Lucca) and La Bottega del Teatro (Versilia)
ticket € 5,00


Friday, March 31
h 21.15 - Un uomo solo in fila - I pensieri di Pasquale by and with Maurizio Micheli. Production Teatro Franco Parenti.
One man. In a queue. A queue that you do not know when it started and when it will end, in line with other human beings waiting to be called to know their fate. Micheli is the latest "brilliant" of Italian theater, capable of making even the comic tragedy.


Montecarlo, teatro dei Rassicurati,

via Carmignani, 14 january 20 / march 31  at 21:15
ticket  € 12,00 - concessions € 8,00


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