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dal 1-4-2016 al 3-4-2016

150 exhibitors: nurserymen of plants and horticultural crops, shrubs, bulbs, tools and furnishings for the garden and the kitchen garden, food excellence.

VerdeMura develops the unique and evocative of the Renaissance city walls between the bulwark of San Martino, the curtain of Porta Santa Maria to San Frediano Platform. A space detailed and rich in views of the city, the green of the stands and the surrounding landscape.

VerdeMura will also theater for all the spring flowers and bulbs for seasonal, will mark the debut of a collection of over 100 pumpkins that visitors can buy seedlings ready for planting, give space to the weeds, including those of the wetlands an exhibitor and specialized ones, presented by a local association, which are used in traditional Tuscan cuisine and will present a book that celebrates unusual edible plants and exotic, but also cultivated in our climates.

The 2016 edition sees for the second consecutive year the presence of one of the leading growers of orchids in Brazil: Carlos Espejo OLA Orquideas is one of the world's greatest experts Laelie rupicole (Hoffmannseggella) that cultivates in his nursery of San Paolo in Brazil

April 1/2/3 
at 9:30am/7:00pm

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Opera delle Mura
castello di Porta san Pietro - Mura Urbane, Lucca