LA DISFIDA DELLA ZUPPA! - The challenge of the soup

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The "franotiana" soup is a dish that representrs biodiversity at most, you make it with what is available at the moment, there is not a specific recipe, but all those who have grown up with this soup will know how to recognize one, although different in color, flavor and fragrance.
It represents the creativity of tradition, everything is permitted: a piece of bacon, croutons, herbs, as long as you do not infringe these unwritten codes .
It is the happy marriage between seasonal products, that could be simple aromatic vegetables from the garden or rare herbs, secret ingredients from the garden of nature and a valuable product such as extra virgin olive oil.


The local Slow Food convivium organizes in honor of the frantoiana soup, for some years now, an increasingly exciting "challenge" between professional and amateur cooks with direct elimination rounds and a final that will determine both the winner and the orientation of the flavor of the soup of the year.
The public jury, consisting of the same diners will have and taste blindly the soups in competition and fill-up the evaluation forms.
Special awards to the assiduous "pilgrims of the soup " those who will attend at least half of the scheduled dates.


This is the timetable of the stages of the challenge:

February 8
Agriturismo Alle Camelie, via della Pieve 186, Sant'Andrea di Compito, Capannori
tel: 0583 55505 –


February 15
Ristorante pizzeria i Diavoletti, Stradone di Camigliano 302, Camigliano, Capannori
tel: 0583 920323 -


February 17
Sala parrocchiale di Aquilea / Mastiano,
tel: 349 2824472 -


February 24
Santa Maria a Colle tel .3487958947


February 28
Antica e premiata tintoria Verciani - il Mecenate a Lucca tel. 0583 512167


March 3
Sala parrocchiale di Carignano, via della Chiesa 15, Ponte San Pietro, Lucca.
tel: 348 7958947


The final on March 10th!

LA DISFIDA DELLA ZUPPA! - The challenge of the soup
Lucca - Capannori
February 8 / March 10
at 20:00 h.

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