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dal 23-2-2018 al 25-2-2018

Dillo in sintesi. Seminari sulle brevità intelligenti  (Say it in short. Seminars on intelligent brevity) is the first Italian event devoted to the importance of short communication.

To sum up, it represents the evolution of the "Humor Lucca" project, aimed at bringing young people closer to the synthetic expression in writing, illustrating and communicating, particularly through the satirical vignette. In its new style, the event is still addressed to students (who devote some morning seminars) but it also opens to all those who, for work or curiosity, want to deepen how to synthesize the synthesis with awareness.


On this occasion, the second edition of the Dillo in Sintesi award will be launched, granting recognition to the personalities of the world of culture who have made the best use of the synthesis in their field. In 2018 the Prize will have two sections, one of which dedicated to television where the character will be awarded or the program in which the best use of the synthesis will be made. The television jury, chaired by prof. Giorgio Simonelli, is composed of Nanni Delbecchi, Aldo Vitali and Daniela Marcheschi.

February 23rd
6.00 pm - Teatro del Giglio - "Taci" - guide to listening and meeting with the author. Speakers Girolamo Deraco, composer; Maria Elena Romanazzi, soprano; Diego Sánchez Haase, conductor; Luigi Esposito, composer; Renzo Cresti, provocateur.
Following - Ridotto del Teatro del Giglio - Aperitif.

7.30 pm - Teatro del Giglio - "TACI" minimodram for voice and orchestra by G. Deraco, with Diego Sanchez Haase, conductor; Maria Elena Romanazzi, soprano;
Symphony Orchestra City of Grosseto.


February 24th
The synthesis in television communication
5.00 pm - Vincenzo Da Massa Carrara Auditorium (San Micheletto complex) - Synthesis in television communication
Round table with Nanni Delbecchi, Daniela Marcheschi, Giorgio Simonelli and Aldo Vitali.
Following the presentation of the television award "Dillo in Synthesis on TV" 2018.

9.15 pm - Vincenzo Da Massa Carrara Auditorium (San Micheletto complex) - The synthesis in cinema: from writing to final editing.
Conversation with Cristina Puccinelli (director), Giorgio Franchini (editor) and Leonardo Rizzi (editor).
Following: "Stones in Lucca" - Cristina Puccinelli presents a national preview of a synthesis taken from her docufilm in process
During the evening the short films "Stella Amore" and "Koala" will also be screened


February 25th
5.00 pm - Church of San Francesco - the secret guest.

The detailed program on the official website www.dilloinsintesi.it

Updates on the FB/Dillo in sintesi


Lucca, Auditorium Vincenzo da Massacarrara, Via San Micheletto, 1
16/18 June 2017
free entry

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Dillo in sintesi
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