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dal 25-1-2018 al 18-2-2018

"Gitani & Dintorni" is a moving overview of images by Roberto Paglianti, a photographer from viareggino, who has been telling the most important events in Italian history for over 40 years - from his early career with the Lavorini case to the Viareggio massacre.


In May 2011 he decided to go to Camargue (France) to realize a project dedicated to gypsies who every year meet for three days in Le Saintes Maries de la Mer to venerate Saint Sara, the patron Madonna of all the nomads of the world. A tradition that has been repeated for centuries and that Paglianti has narrated through his camera with great attention and delicacy, being able to experience first hand every moment of those intense and pictorial days made of sacred and engaging folklore. Not only a meticulous reportage, but also an artistic research in wanting to unveil the most hidden aspects of the Gypsies both in moments of aggregation but especially in the numerous portraits that highlight a people that has always brought an aura of mystery from its origins. Mysteries that perhaps not even the shots of Roberto Paglianti have been able to discover completely despite the intensity of those faces and their particular gestures.


Visiting the exhibition "Gitani & Dintorni" - curated by Maurizio Marco Tozzi - will be the opportunity to abandon many clichés and stereotypes to be transported in a journey full of magic that Paglianti has been able to highlight with great skill. And although the colors are dominant in these days of gathering, the choice was to present the works exhibited exclusively in black and white. A criterion that has definitely emphasized the hidden soul of the gypsies.


Lucca, Palazzo Ducale, Tobino hall
25 January / 18 February 2018
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