SORRISI DI CARNEVALE - Amarcord e novità della Canzonetta

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The show "Sorrisi di Carnevale", subtitled “Amarcord e novità della Canzonetta”, is staged on February 15, 2018 at the  Politeama theater. The company Burlamacco 81 is flanked by the  group "Versiglia in Bocca" from Pietrasanta and by the Lions Club of Viareggio.

The usual sketch formula is renewed regarding the cast that hosts Davide De Nisco. After 36 years the shows of Claudio Morganti and Co does not retire, but remains with renewed enthusiasm also due to the collaboration of the Lions Club who will get the proceeds of the event for charitable initiatives.

Tickets are pre-sold from Wednesday to Sunday at the Gran Caffè Margherita on the promenade of Viareggio from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.


SORRISI DI CARNEVALE - Amarcord e novità della Canzonetta
Viareggio, Teatro Politeama, Largo Molo Del Greco
2018, February 15
Tickets € 25,00 Parterre - € 20,00 Gallery



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