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dal 15-2-2018 al 2-3-2018

The initiatives of the busy calendar of "Memorial Day 2018" are inaugurated with the exhibition "La razza nemica, la propaganda antisemita nazista e fascista" (by the Fondazione Museo della Shoah in Rome).


The exhibition examines the role of anti-Semitic propaganda in Nazi Germany and in Fascist Italy. With this in mind, the exposition analyzes in depth the reasons, dynamics, forms, contents and protagonists of this phenomenon and helps to understand the visitor how it has been possible that hundreds of thousands of ordinary men have been able to participate actively in the persecution. and the killing of the Jewish minority in the whole of Europe.


The exhibition will remain in Palazzo Ducale until 10 February, then it will be hosted at the Fortress of Mont'Alfonso (Castelnuovo di Garfagnana) from 15 February to 2 March and, subsequently, at the Palazzo della Cultura di Cardoso (Stazzema) from 9 to 18 March.


Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, fortezza di Montalfonso
January 18th / February 10th 2018
opening time: monday to saturday, 9:00am / 7:00pm
free admission

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Provincia di Lucca
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