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dal 6-2-2018 al 8-2-2018

The Nose and the History. That is: to know the historical events of Elisa and Maria Luisa through the sense of smell. The free guided tours to the olfactory route dedicated to Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi and Maria Luisa di Borbone continue in the bicentennial of her arrival in Lucca (1817-2017).


The association "Napoleon and Elisa: from Paris to Tuscany" has in fact promoted the opening of the halls of the Province of Lucca that were the theater of Elisa, where today it is possible to visit the path created by Simonetta Giurlani Pardini to tell the lives of the two rulers.


By smelling the essences we come into contact with the olfactory atmospheres of historical figures creating a bridge between past and present: a deep dialogue to share the same emotion using the power of perfumes to be transported over time and transform the olfactory experience into a historical information .


Located in 4 rooms on the main floor of Palazzo Ducale, the olfactory path "Il Naso e la Storia" offers olfactory suggestions, objects and descriptions. The setting up of the rooms was conceived and curated by the architect Beatrice Speranza who knew with great sensitivity to recreate, even through a luminous wall, the spirit and the setting of the time when the Palace was a Palace. In the other two rooms a "Napoleonic" library is accessible: a specialized collection dedicated to the Napoleonids that the association will make available to scholars and interested parties.


A 3D model of the environments, created by the students of the Enrico Fermi Institute, makes the path accessible to people with visual disabilities.


Lucca, Palazzo Ducale
7 dicembre 2017 / 7 marzo 2018 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
h 10:00 to 13:00 and 15:00 to 17:00
free entry
Route accessible also to blind people.

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Napoleone e Elisa: da Parigi alla Toscana
FB / napoleonidi

Reservations are required for groups: 0583 417363,

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