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dal 20-1-2018 al 4-3-2018

Villa Argentina, in Viareggio, hosts a special exhibition dedicated to Giorgio Michetti, a 105 year old local artist, still incredibly full of ideas, energy and strength, with works of Michetti himself but, above all, with paintings of many of his friends closing the generation gap between the artists, personalities that represent memory, present and future of the artistic panorama in Lucca and Versilia.

The exhibition of Villa Argentina, which is part of the AlternARTI project, includes works created by Michetti's friends Sergio Fortuna, Alberto Magnolfi, Guglielmo Malato, Davide Bondielli, Gianfalco Masini, Pietro Soriani, Andrea Moneta, Azzurra Casamassima, Luca De Gaetani, Paola Campioni, Francesca Maria Neiman, Silvia Masini, Franco Anichini, Graziano Guiso, FM Studio and various other artists, teachers, high schools students of the area, in addition to the active participation of the scientific high school "Barsanti and Matteucci" of Viareggio and of the "Stagi" artistic high school of Pietrasanta.


The common thread of the artists involved is their ability to  interpret the characteristic signs of their time, by analyzing and deciphering the most hidden aspects. Michetti likes to define as an "Inverted Perspective" the technique used to realize  his anamorphosis. The curators, in this exhibition, have tried to create an exhibition able to overturn the visitor's point of view on painting, transforming the protagonists into witnesses, the models in craftsmen and the visitors in the subject of the works.


The inauguration of the exhibition is scheduled on Saturday, January 20 at 5:00 pm with the presence of local authorities.


ALTERNARTI - L'alternarsi del tempo nelle età di Giorgio Michetti
Viareggio, villa Argentina, via Fratti ang. via Vespucci
2018, January 20 / March 4
open from Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 am / 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm / 6:30 pm
Free admission

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