TEATRO CINEMA PUCCINI - il secondo figlio di Dio

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A multi-purpose hall with 320 seats, a scenic area modifiable according to logistics and technology for the ultimate in visibility and acoustics, a cutting-edge facility for film screenings thanks to a 10 feet wide screen, a high tech digital projection system and an active 3D vision sterescope sound system.


Thursday, February 15
at 9:00 pm -
Il secondo figlio di Dio.

Inspired by the incredible and real story of David Lazzaretti, called the "Christ of Amiata", the second child of God tells about the great adventure of a mystic and the utopia of a late nineteenth-century visionary between unpublished songs and narration to unite faith and community, religion and social justice. Written by Manfredi Rutelli and Simone Cristicchi, with Simone Cristicchi. Directed by Antonio Calenda.


The programme continues on:
Thursday 8 March at 9:00 pm: La Bastarda di Instanbul.
Thursday 22 March, 9:00 pm:
Up & Down.

Altopascio, via Regina Margherita 17
2017, November 20  / 2018,  March 22
Admission: stalls € 18,00/€ 15,00, gallery € 15,00/€ 12,00; schools € 7,00

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Teatro cinema Pacini
Altopascio Via Regina Margherita 17/19
Tel. +39 0583 216701 - cinemateatropuccini@gmail.com

Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo