MUSICA RAGAZZI! - Io e Luigi veri amici

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dal 7-2-2018 al 9-2-2018

Nine appointments for one of the very few Billboard of concerts dedicated to the very young in Italy, organized by the Lucchese Music Association (AML).

Musica Ragazzi! is a project that is now attracting the attention and applause of Italian music critics and to which over 12,000 children and teenagers participated since 2006 and which sees, ever increasing, the enthusiastic support of internationally renowned artists that we can find in the most prestigious concert halls of the world and that fall with enthusiasm and expertise in an extraordinary reality like this.

Program January / May 2018

Scheduled Wednesday 7th, Thursday 8th, Friday 9th February 9:45 am and 11:30 am - San Colombano Casermetta, Urban Walls - Waiting for the two hundred and seventy-fifth birthday of Luigi Boccherini "Io e Luigi veri amici" . Muisc and tale dedicated to the life of Luigi Boccherini, in cooperation with Centro Studi Boccherini.


The program "Musica ragazzi!" goes on:
Monday 19 February 9:45 am and 11:30 am - Boccherini Institute Auditorium. Meeting with the interpreter: Mario Brunello cello.
Thursday 8 March 9:45 am and 11:30 am - ISSM Auditorium Luigi Boccherini. Music and dance, minuet, fandango and more.
Friday 23 March 9:45 am and 11:30 am - ISSM Auditorium Luigi Boccherini. Project in A minor - Singing the poems of fabrizio de Andrè.
Friday, April 13th 9:45 am and 11:30 am - ISSM Auditorium Luigi Boccherini. Words, rhythm and fantasy in the Italian songs of the '30s,' 40s, '50s. Thursday 19 April 10:30 am - ISSM Auditorium Luigi Boccherini. One morning at the Opera ...
Saturday 5th May 4.00 pm - Baluardo San Colombano and Sotterranei Mura Urbane (In collaboration with the Luigi Boccherini Study Center)
Lucca Classical Music Festival 2018 - 10th anniversary of the "Io e Luigi veri amici" project.


Lucca, Auditorium del Suffargio, piazza del Suffragio
Casermetta san Colombano, Mura Urbane

January 15th / May 5th 2018
admission: € 3.00

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