TEATRO COLOMBO - Borgo a Mozzano - Die Panne

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The theater building is part of a major set of building and urbanistic initiatives carried out in Valdottavo in the early twentieth century and considered of particular value also by the period's citizens, as evidenced in various articles saveguarded in the Town's Archive, including a significant one from the magazine (fortnightly of the district of Borgo a Mozzano) "Il Bargiglio" of July 17, 1910.


Today the Colombo Theatre is a cultural dynamic, alive, curious, center a place of research, experimentation, which though a contemporary look does not forget its history and the prestige of its premises. A magical, surreal, intimate, precious place, like any other theater manages to be, a place made of dreams, of breathing, sounds, vibrations, lights, makeup, costumes, a space punctuated by the crackle of wood planks and impossible times. A theater that looks to the future and to its territory, a theater that through a broken umbrella, watches the stars ...


The performance of today, at 9:15 pm, February 10 is Die Panne, by Friedrich Dürrenmatt,  with Valentina Bischi.


Borgo a Mozzano , loc. Valdottavo
2018, February 10
h 9:15 pm
ticket  € 10,00

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