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dal 13-1-2018 al 15-2-2018

On Saturday, January 13 at 11:30 am at the Hotel Residence Esplanade in Viareggio an exhibition of paintings by Rolando Viani is inaugurated, on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of his death.

Rolando Viani (Viareggio 12 September 1923 - Saint Pierre / Aosta 13 February 1977) writer and painter of Viareggio, was Lorenzo Viani's nephew. Completely self-taught, he first started with writing for some magazines and later the publication of the first stories "I ragazzi della spiaggia" and "Il mascalzone", which will be followed later by "L'orfanotrofio" and "Summer in Viareggio" in addition to various stories, some also published after his death.

Still in a self-taught way he devoted himself to painting, especially in the years between 1960 and 1970, with a personal innovative and experimental technique that brings in his works scathing signs and a lively chromatic range. His favorite subjects come from indelible images in his mind: strips of sea, boats, umbrellas, docks often inhabited by evanescent human figures in the background. But there are also many representations of young people and above all of women and children almost hidden behind hieroglyphics from the most bizarre and curvilinear forms.

Several exhibitions have been organised, starting from 1959 at the Bottega dei Vageri di Viareggio to pass in 1961 at the Galleria S. Luca in Rome and at the Galleria Le Ore in Milan as well as at the Galleria Falsetti di Prato in 1962 and in 1969 and at the Galerie Valdotaine in Aosta and the Galleria d'Arte Incontri, in Saint Vincent. Particularly worth of mention is the last exhibition, posthumous, set up in Viareggio in 2005, at the Palazzo delle Muse gallery under the patronage of the City of Viareggio with the title "I segni e le parole", an exhibition that summarized literary and pictorial art of Rolando Viani.

And it is precisely this exhibition recalling the undisputed pictorial skills of Rolando and his artistic research, that will  retrace the various periods of the artist. The works come from the Sandra Viani collection, the only heir of published and unpublished works of Rolando, and thanks to this remarkable collection it was possible to organize this particular  exhibition which has been set up by Fabio Flego and Enrico Dei.


Viareggio, Hotel Esplanade, piazza Puccini 18
2018, January 13  / February 15
Open all day


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