DI MERCOLEDI' - Il piccolo comandante

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Villa Argentina, Viareggio's Art Nouveau jewel, hosts every Wednesday afternoon a meeting between writers and readers. The event is promoted by the 'Villa Argentina' Promotion Committee in collaboration with the 'Viareggio Lungomare Bookstore'. At the end, an aperitif will be offered to the participants.


In today's meeting the theme will be "Il piccolo comandante. Un marinaio viareggino sul Norge alla conquista del Polo" by Annibale Guidi (Edizioni Cinquemarzo).

From Viareggio to the Northpole with Umberto Nobile, engineer and explorer in the past century: the story of Dante Edmondo Lippi, an expert sailor from Versilia who went on board of the legendary "Norge" zeppelin in 1926 for the first historical transfer to the Nothpole.

Annibale Guidi was born in Viareggio and he works as a lawyer. Since many years he is also a successful writer of biographies and autobiographies, novels, stories and lyric poetry. He published several works: "Un uomo mio padre"; "Dodici racconti e una speranza"; "L'ultimo processo del giudice Laterzi"; "Pranzo di Mezza Notte"; "Palazzo di giustizia e dintorni"; "Volo all'interno"; "Il Comune nuovo"; "Il fienile"; "1823: Notaro a processo"; "I pescatori di spiaggia e la mia Sardegna".

The book presentation is followed by some original film projections: Luftskipet "Norges" flukt over Polhavet: Roald Amundsen, Ellsworth og Nobiles flyekspedisjon 1926. The Airship Norge's Flight Across the Arctic Ocean.

The author will be present, presentation by the journalist Umberto Guidi. Introduction by the writer Laura Nicodemi.

Please note that the book presentation is in Italian.


Viareggio, Villa Argentina, via Vespucci ang. via Fratti
2018, January 10
at 5:30 pm
Free admission, reservation recommended


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