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The Epiphany concert at the Grand Ducal Stables of Seravezza was held in 2014 for the first time to commemorate Daria Pennacchi Santini (25 October 1912 - 3 April 2000), for forty years (1958-1988) piano teacher in Seravezza.

Promoted and supported jointly by the "Historical Versilia" section of the Lucchese Historical Institute and by the Municipal Administration of Seravezza, it immediately became an important appointment in Versilia, a festive and propitiatory greeting to the year just begun, in the name of music, in a lively alternation of classic and contemporary styles.

As in the past editions, the Concert will be presented by Walter Bandelloni and will be opened with the "Inno di Mameli", also interpreted this year by the musician Dino Mancino, one of the last students of Daria Pennacchi Santini.

The concert will have an International touch this year thanks to the presence of two South Korean singers: the tenor Hyun Uk Yu, aka Massimo Yu, and the soprano Rena Kwak who will perform in arias by Giacomo Puccini and Giuseppe Verdi, accompanied by the maestro Giovanni Vitali.

In the end, the Corale Lirica Versiliese will sing choruses and arias from Giuseppe Verdi's Nabucco, accompanied by Maestro Pietro Castellari and Marco Simonelli on the bass, directed by Elisabetta Guidugli.

Seravezza, Scuderie Granducali, via L. Amadei
2018, January 6
h 5:00 pm
Free admission


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