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The big names of culture meet in Lucca for a series of conferences organized by the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, the oldest scientific academy in the world that counts among its first members Galileo Galilei. The conferences will range from economcal to environmental, from political to educational topics.


Institutional purpose of the Academy is to "promote, coordinate, integrate and disseminate scientific knowledge in its highest expression in the context of unity and universality of culture." In order to reach this purpose the academy organizes congresses, conferences, conventions and national and international seminars, and participates, with its members, to similar events both in Italy and abroad. It also promotes and implements activities and research missions.


In Lucca, this autumn are expected several meetings of great cultural and scientific interest addressed to a wide audience and held in the auditorium of the Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca in Piazza San Martino.


On Monday 12nd February at 6.00pm. "I robot e noi: presente e futuro di un mondo che è già cambiato". The professor of industrial bioengineering at the Sant'Anna High School in Pisa and deputy Maria Chiara Carrozza, talks about Robotics: research and technological applications. An unstoppable development already underway: a revolution in the course of 5-10 years. From logistics to company, the near future is a man-machine symbiosis.

University professor of industrial bioengineering, as well as being rector of Sant'Anna, she carries out research at the Institute of Robotics, where she is responsible for the "Neuro Robotics" area, she has participated in inventions and the consequent technological applications enabling, especially in the field of biomedical and surgical robotics, and holds European and international patents; has done and is part of scientific societies and scientific committees of various bodies in Italy (including the Confindustria Study Center) and in many other countries.

In his recent publication, "I Robot e noi", Carrozza deals with and describes the extraordinary process of socialization of robotics. "Robots, up to now simple industrial supports, are becoming part of society and more and more they connect, interact and often succeed in replacing human beings - explains Professor - It is a new era, an unstoppable development whose effects they will be tangible already in the next five or ten years ".

The meetings are introduced by Oriano Landucci, Chairman of the Banca del Monte di Lucca Foundation, Alberto Del Carlo, Chairman of the Lucca Sviluppo Foundation and Lucca Mayor, Alessandro Tambellini.


The next appointment of "Incontri con le eccellenze" on Saturday 24 February with the journalist Alain Friedman.


Lucca, the foundation's Banca del Monte, Piazza San Martino
2018 February 12
free admission

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