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Discovering the Teatro di Elisa in Palazzo, on the occasion of the princess's birthday.

At 5.30 pm at Palazzo Ducale (Sala Rappresentanza), architect Velia Gini Bartoli will speak about "The place and its history" and the historical Monica Guarraccinosu "The theater: triumphs of light and French performances" and present the "petite salle de la comédie "that Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi wanted for her government building, and that Maria Luisa di Borbone" inherited "with it.

Followed by a guided tour of the olfactory path created by Simonetta Giurlani Pardini and set up by Beatrice Speranza, "The Nose and History", which includes the rooms of the Theater that are now enhanced, and open for the first time to the public, thanks to the agreement between the Province of Lucca and the association "Napoleon and Elisa: from Paris to Tuscany".


The Theater of Elisa and the setting up of a petite salle de la comédie according to the Napoleonic rule, not written but still in force, of the tout comme à Paris, was one of the priorities established for the arrangement of the residence at Palazzo, when July 14, 1805 Princess Elisa arrived in Lucca.

In fact, only three years before, Napoleon had commissioned Pierre-François Fontaine to build a small theater on the second floor of his residence in Malmaison. The characteristics of the small theater of Elisa were very similar to those of Paris: same light materials, the same organization of the environments provided, same use of bright colors and the walls where yellow, blue, gold and ephemeral predominated "Air color".

The project, drawn up by Giovanni Lazzarini, on the precise indication of Elisa was organized on a large entrance vestibule to the left of which a small staircase led to the Loggia pour la Cour du Prince and the Palco reserved for sovereigns. On the lower floor was the Parterre which could hold over 70 seats.

At the end of the Parterre the "hole" for the music is raised by about a meter the stage with twelve scenic wings to which the artists accessed from a small scale. The space of the theater and the reduced was strictly divided by that used by actors and theater operators. In Lucca as in Paris, Princess Elisa was a protagonist in her own theater.


Lucca Palazzo Ducale
January 3, 2018
5.30 pm
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