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The evening of January 5, the Befano and the Epiphany (tradition says there are only one married), accompanied by the villagers, make the rounds of all the houses in the country and, at the sound of the accordion, singing the traditional song of the "Befana" they start begging from house to house, collecting all sorts of offer: in addition to the classic glass of wine or liquor, almost every home is offered something (especially chestnut flour, walnuts, befanini, etc) fruit.


All proceeds are then brought to Paesano theater, where,finished the tour, the witch and the group go to sing and where begins the Feast!

We can dance all night, and in half of the evening is made polenta Neccio; tradition has it that the slices are cut by anzianii of the country and the first slice goes directly to the person most "old", then all present. They are also distributed and eat "things" retrieved doing the rounds of begging.


Bagni di Lucca, loc. Montefegatesi
Friday, January 5, 2018
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