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dal 8-12-2017 al 6-1-2018

A walk along the village to see the cribs in the "marginette" located along the road that leads from the town center to the parish church. A showcase of cribs from the world and a concert.
An event that is not intended to anticipate the feast, but offer an opportunity to meditate and reflect on the great event which renewed and can still renew the history of the world.

The ancient village of Pescaglia, the 'Associazione Amici del presepe di Pescaglia prepares nativity scenes, within "marginette" built between the sixteenth and seventeenth century.

Cribs even in gardens, terraces and windows of the houses and the most picturesque corners of the country along the path, which leads from the parish church to the Shrine of Our Lady of Solca. In a little guide, you show historical information of each kiosk and Oratory, by the branch of the Historical Institute of Lucca Pescaglia.

In the "marginette" eight small paintings, from the Annunciation to the Flight into Egypt, that with the simplicity and tools poor art of nativity scenes intended to illustrate the mystery of the Incarnation of the Son of God.


December 8
h 3:30 pm - Holy celebration in the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Solca. Lightened path.


December 17

h 4:00pm - Dalla cultura dello scarto alla cultura dell'accoglienza. Entertainment by school "Giacomo Puccini". Inauguration of the cribs made by pupils.


December 26
at 5:00pm - "Celestiali Armonie". Concert of the choir "D.Vittorio Lombardi". Soloist Nunzia Fazzi, organist Angelo Bizarre. Director Giorgio Fazzi.
Followed by tasting of typical products for everybody.


January 6
3:30 pm - Holy celebration in the day of the Epiphany of our Lord. Blessing of children of the pastoral community. Follows the arrival of the "Befana" (the good witch who brings gifts anc coke) on the church square. The parish church will be open the day before holidays and public holidays from 15:30 to 18:00.


The open-air path is always visible, but particularly impressive at sunset.


Pescaglia, old town
2016  December 8 / 2017 January 6
free entrance


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