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dal 25-12-2017 al 7-1-2018

31th edition for the exhibition of Nativity scenes Pieve Fosciana organized by "Friends of Presepo of Fosciana".

In the Christmas period the great crib, the one of "everybody" was being built in the church of San Giuseppe, adjacent to the Parish Church of San Giovanni of Fosciana. Since how many years, no one knows. Certainly in the nineteenth century, but the Church is millenary, it could also be older. He had been introduced, it seems by the Friars of the Blessed Herculaneum in the name of San Francesco. Traditional at first, it quickly became a small but original wonder. A mechanic permanent crib and today now historic, one of the earliest examples of mechanical scenery in the province of Lucca.


In December 1987 the first exhibition of Nativity scenes and Dioramas, 5 pieces in all, was a huge success and was re-proposed in the following years until it becomes an exhibition of about 40 works, including cribs and dioramas.
Since then, this exposure is known to all as the exhibition of the "Pieve Fosciana Cribs". The church of St. Giuseppe becomes for a month a sort of museum, in which the works are exhibited to the admiration of an audience that every year becomes more and more numerous.


You can admire the Nativity scenes and moments in the life of Jesus, the Annunciation, the angel announced to the shepherds, the wonder of the Shepherds Adoration of the Magi, the flight into Egypt. Cribs popular and oriental style and one even placed inside a light bulb. Forty small nativity scenes, each one different and each one more beautiful than the other, works of art in miniature.


Pieve Fosciana church of St. Giuseppe
2017 December 25 / 2017 January 7
Holidays Opening hours: 14:30 / 18:30; weekdays, 11 and 18 December by appointment
free entry


More information

Presepi di Pieve Fosciana
via san Giovanni, 31 Pieve Fosciana
su FB/preepe di Pieve Fosciana

To book the visit call the following numbers: 327 7677871 - 349 1649687 - 327 7677919 - 328 6772886

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