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dal 31-12-2017 al 1-1-2018

"According to the cabal, the number 18 is the number of morality, concord and good associations, with this number events tend to normalize, events and things are generally based on sound principles, on just causes. the number of people who give honest and disinterested advice, associations based on sound and lasting principles, dreams in which good deeds and good advice and wise conclusions are received. "

It is with this hope that the association don Baroni invites everyone to the big party for the night of the year, in piazza san Martino with music, gastronomy and entertainment.

Emanuela Gennai conducts the evening with DJ Luca Maffei and the band Gold 5.

The choreographer Stefano Bellina and her dance team and JTune will be guests of the evening.

Lucca, Piazza San Martino
December 31, 2017 / 2018 january 1
22:00 / 2:30
Free entry

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Associazione Don Franco Baroni
via Passaglia 41 A - Lucca
Tel. 0583 331026 -

piazzale Verdi, vecchia porta S. Donato - Lucca
Tel. 0583 583150 -

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