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The Lucca music associations Concentus Lucensis, "Marco Santucci" Music Association, Musicalia Association, Lucca Cathedral Opera, Center of Art and Culture, Lucca 2 District Institute, Coro Ars Maxima, "Raffaele Baralli" Diocesan Music Institute, "Tempo" Association of Music "(concerts in S. Andrea), Choir" Mons. Davini "S. Donato, Flam - Lucchese Federation of Music Associations (project coordinator) and in collaboration with: Arciconfraternita della Misericordia, Cultural Association, Amnesty International, San Francesco and San Paolino Town Committees, organize a concert program for the Christmas holidays.


2 December
19.00 - Church of San Salvatore in Mustolio (della Misericordia) - "Gloria'n heaven and peace on earth" - Meeting-concert on the representative Lauda by Concentus Lucensis, Director Stefano Albarello. In collaboration with the Arciconfraternita della Misericordia.

3 December
5.00 pm - Church of Sant'Andrea. Choral Choir "Magie di Note" - Director: Federica Guidi.

December 15th

9.00 pm - Parish Theater of San Concordio. "Angels and Shepherds" Choir of the Primary School of the Lucca IC 2 - Director Nicoletta Fiori Ensemble Timbralia.

December 16th
9.00 pm - Church of San Andrea. Choral "Don Gianfranco Baroni" of S.Cassiano a Vico - Director: Stefano Di Vito

December 20th

9.00 pm - Church of San Andrea. Choral Festival "Schola Cantorum Mons. G B. Trofello" by Camogli - Director: Mauro Ottobrini and the Choir "Mons: Graziano Davini" by S. Donato - Director Marco Tomei.

December 22nd
9.00 pm - Church of San Giorgio, Sorbano del Giudice. "Double bass violin duo" Adriana Cristea and Giacomo Banella. In collaboration with the Cultural Association During the Concert the "Vertical Curriculum" Project will be presented with the Assessor Ilaria Vietina.

December 23rd
5.00 pm - From the suburbs to the city in collaboration with the city councils of S. Francesco and S. Paolino. "Zampognata" By Michela Aliberti and Michele Orsi.
9.00 pm - San Micheletto - fresco hall. "The Grossi concerts for the Holy Christmas" - music by: A.Corelli, F. Manfredini, G.Torelli, F.X Geminiani, A. Vivaldi- Chamber Orchestra Luigi Boccherini.

25th December
5.00 pm - Cathedral of San Martino. "Organ Vespers in the Cathedral" Organ: Giulia Biagetti, music by Guilmant, Becker, Reger, Stamm and others

December 29th
9.00 pm - Church of San Leonardo in Borghi (Our Lady). "Bruno Pizzi" Polyphonic Choir of Pisa - Director Chiara Mariani

January 7, 2018
6.00 pm - Parish Church of San Angelo in Campo. Polyphonic concert "Veni Redemptor Gentium", "Ars Maxima" Choir - Director Fernanda Piccini - in collaboration with the Garbotta Ass. Culturale "Don Arcangelo del Carlo".


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2 December 2017 / 7January 2018
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