TEATRO DEI RASSICURATI, Montecarlo - Le donne di Chernobyl

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The harmonious and tiny oval Rassicurati theater, with a capacity of 200 seats, presents a double row of 22 tiny boxes, plus the four rows of proscenium. This environment is a miniature copy of the structural characteristics of the classic "Teatro dell'Opera " of the eighteenth and nineteenth century.

On the tiny stage the entire repertoire of Italian opera, from Rossini to Bellini, Donizetti to Verdi, and minor - now almost forgotten - nineteenth-century opera composers has been performed. After 1871, the young composer Giacomo Puccini attended the Rassicurati Theatre, during his trips to Montecarlo with his sister Ramelde, governess in the Macarini-Carmignani family, in a house called Palazzo Lavagna today, in via Carmignani. In 1894 the theater has been restored and enlarged again with the addition of the four "barcacce" in the proscenium.

For the theater season 2018 a quite varied playbill with seven great performances, bringing to Montecarlo excellent events ranging from a modern theater repertoire to television and music, has been programmed.


Scheduled on Thursday, January 11, at 21:05 - Le donne di Chernobyl - The live testimony of a person who has chosen to share it with the audience. A succession of images and memories, sometimes confused and broken, sometimes clear and clear, of people who know how to forgive, hope and start over. From a testimony of  Piotr, Galia end Iryna Baturka, with Iryna Baturka, Lucia Marchese, Serena Davini, Caterina Pieraccini, Sara Vitolo, Francesca Colombini. Directed by Kety Di Basilio e Sergio Giannini.


The programming of the prose season continues until April 19, 2018.


Montecarlo, teatro dei Rassicurati,
via Carmignani, 14
2018, 11
january 20 / april 19 
Le donne di cernobyl
11 gennaio 2018
at 9:15 pm
tickets € 15,00 - concessions € 10,00


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Teatro Comunale dei Rassicurati
Montecarlo Via Carmignani 14
Tel. +39 0583 229725- culturaeturismo@comune.montecarlo.lu.it