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dal 8-12-2017 al 6-1-2018

A new crib has become part of the regional nativity network Terre di presepi.
It is the "presepe diversamente uguale", made by young people and adults from Fornaci di Barga, of Il sogno di Castelnuovo Garfagnana and by the pupils of the elementary elementary schools of Pieve Fosciana.

These appointments:

Friday 8 December
5.30 pm - Church San Magno: Holy Mass and blessing of the Nativity scene.

Saturday 9 December
9.00 pm - Church San Magno: Inauguration of the Nativity Scene. Concert of the chorus San Lorenzo di Castelfiorentino, conducted by M° Stefano Mattili. Among other songs, will be also performed the song "Oggi è nato per voi", interpreted by Giulia Orlandini, solo voice, which became the himn of "Terre di presepi".
In the same set will be also presented the book "Presepi. Il Natale in Toscana" by journalist Fabrizio Mandorlini.

Wednesday, December 13th
9.00 pm - parish hall: showing of  "CORTI ma GRANDI meTRAGGI per ritrovare sè stessi" by Dr. Mario Betti, head of the Mental Health department of the Serchio valley.

Saturday, December 16th

9.00 pm - Church San Magno: "La maravigliosa storia di Gesù" (the wonderful history of Christ) - Play by the children of the school.

Sunday December 24th
9.00 pm - Church San Magno: Holy Mass of Christmas Eve.

Saturday, December 30th

9.00 pm - Church San Magno: Concert of the Pietro Mascagni Philharmonic Orchestra of Camporgiano.

Saturday 6 January

9.00 pm - Church San Magno: Concert of the Choir Voci del Serchio.


Pieve Fosciana, loc Pontecosi  grotta di San Magno, piazza del Gelsetto 2
2017 december 8/  2018 january 6
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