TEATRO ACCADEMICO - Miseria e nobiltà

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The Theatre of the town of the thermal springs was built in 1790 by some citizens who had created the "Academy of Provvidi". Closed during the war, it was opened again after to the public and completely renovated in 1980. It 's a typical Italian theater, with an ovoidal space for the audience, two tiers of boxes and a loggia.


On Sunday 18 February, at 9:15 pm, Miseria e nobiltà.  A funny story of a poor man, forced to live by his wits for a bite of bread. Felice Sciosciammocca is within dialogues and paradoxical situations that represent a sumptuous piece of Italian art, one of the best dramaturgical inventions in theater, especially the Neapolitan theater.
Text Edoardo Scarpetta, direct Michele Sinisi, with
Diletta Acquaviva, Stefano Braschi, Gianni D’addario, Gianluca delle Fontane.


The programme of the theater season continues until April 7, 2018.


TEATRO ACCADEMICO - Miseria e nobiltà
Bagni di Lucca,Teatro Accademico, Via Umberto I
2018, February 18
h 9:15 pm
Tickets: Platea and stage € 20,00 / 14,00


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