TEATRO SCUDERIE GRANDUCALI - Seravezza - Quello che non ho

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Stories and emotions from the first day of winter to the first day of spring. The theater season at the "Scuderie Granducali" of Seravezza, entitled "Un palcoscenico dove batte il cuore", connects two seasons between December 21st, 2017 and March, 21st, 2018 by proposing eight unmissable authentic theater performances, telling about life in its thousands shades, thanks to the commitment of the actress and artistic director Elisabetta Salvatori. A program dedicated to narration theater that offers a successful mix of popular actors - like Neri Marcore and Maurizio Micheli - and less famous, but equally intense and professional, and many female actors.


In the program on Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at 9:15 pm, Neri Marcorè presents “Quello che non ho”, a show about our times, between the present and the future with music by Fabrizio De André.


Seravezza, Scuderie Granducali, via L. Amadei
2017, December 21 / 2018, March 21
h 9:15 p. m. 
Tickets full price between € 16.00 and € 10.00 
Tickets reduced price between € 14.00 and € 8.00   

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