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dal 11-8-2017 al 29-10-2017

The monumental exhibition, which can be visited until October 29, is set up in Piazza Duomo, in the S. Agostino cloister and in Tonfano, with impressive sculptures made of marble and granite such as the "Infinite column II" 7 meters high and "Generation II" in black and green granite.


The monographic exhibition is an opportunity to get to know the artist and plunge into his culturural origins. Distributed throughout the circuit of the historic center, with swaying and articulated works in marble and granite, the exhibition is accompanied by a series of initiatives, curated by the Korean Cultural Institute in collaboration with the Municipality of Pietrasanta, opening a gateway to Korea's culture and identity.


The Korean artist, born in Mok-po, South Korea, lives and works in Pietrasanta since many years to learn marble processing techniques. He is currently one of the most important contemporary Korean artists in the world. After his education at Seoul's Kyung Hee University and later at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, Park Eun Sun chose Pietrasanta as his hometown. The artist has already exhibited his works in Italy and abroad, even in places of great historical importance such as the Traianei market in Rome. In 2015, the President of the Republic of South Korea awarded him with the title of "Merit of the Civil Order" for contributing to spread the culture of the country abroad. 


Pietrasanta, Piazza Duomo, S. Agostino cloister and Tonfano 
2017, August 11/ October 29
Opening times: until October 1st from Tuesday to Friday 17:00/20:00, Saturday and Sunday 10:00/13:00 - 17:00/20:00, from October 3/29 from Tuesday to Friday 16:00/19:00, Saturday and Sunday 10:00/13:00 - 16:00/19:00
Free admission


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