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Viareggio is, for a long time, a city of Marian vocation. Many are the testimonies of this devotion, beginning with the two statues of the Virgin Mary placed respectively on the "Madonnina" pier and at the foot of the old cavalcavia, by the Marian monastic orders settled in the city in the eighteenth century, by the patron celebration celebrating March 25 the SS Annunziata.


It is always for devotion to the Madonna that in the evening of September 7, until not many years ago, large piles of wood pellets and pine needles were lit up in all town's districts. It was a tribute to the "Child Madonna" who in 1854 with a miracle had stopped the cholera plague at the gates of the city.


Today, for security reasons, the "baldorie" - this is the name given by citizenship to the bone fires - is forbidden, although it is the intention of the municipal administration to keep alive the memory of this ancient tradition.


That is why Friday, September 8th, near the city old train station will be lit a "baldoria". The event is preceded by a "cacciuccata", a dinner based on a second choice fish soup, organized at the foot of the Matilde Tower by the co-operative Cittadella della Pesca. For the occasion you will also be able to visit the interior of the tower where from Friday to Sunday an exhibition is dedicated to the painter Giovanni Lazzerini, native from Viareggio, known as Menghino, with opening hours 17:00 / 20:00.


Viareggio, Old Railway Station square and Matilde Tower
September 8, 2017
Dinner at 19:00 h., bone fire at 21:00 h.

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