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dal 8-9-2017 al 17-9-2017

Colorful balloons and a rich program with performances including the awaited Aerostatic Trophy of hte Municipality Capannori, to which will take part in the days of Friday 15, Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 September,  20 balloons coming from all over Europe.


There will be three main events: the Italian Motor Airplanes Stunt Championship (September 8-10), the Italian Championship of Glider Stunts (September 15 to 17) and the already mentioned Aerostatic Trophy Municipality of  Capannori (from 15 to 17 September).


Among the main attractions there will be: Balloon Tashi Gyaltsen, led by the British pilots Heaven Crawley and Paul Dopson, will exhibit the world's largest Tibetan flag, a symbol of peace, a reflection on Tibet's current political situation. Balloon Neptune shaped like a huge sea horse and led by the Brasilian pilot Felipe tostes;  While British Air Force pilot Tim Ellison, who lost the use of his 1992 legs in an airplane crash, will demonstrate that disability is not an obstacle for those who want to fly a balloon.


On Saturday September 16 at 9:30 pm the event Balloon glow is back, a fascinatin show of hot air balloons illuminating as huge bulbs in music time.


Finally, from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm, is open the area "On the Wings of Taste" with tastings and street food at the SlowFood Citadel, set up inside the airport by SlowFood, Oil and Wine Road Association Lucca, Versilia, Montecarlo and FISAR delegation Lucca and Garfagnana.


The full program can be read on the official website


Capannori, Capannori Airport, via del Casalino, loc. Tassignano
8/17 September 2017
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