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dal 1-9-2017 al 30-9-2017

September is an important month for the people of Lucca: the preparations for the celebration of the Holy Cross, the most important festival of the city: the opportunity that appeals to all the people of Lucca, even those living abroad, around the Holy Face, the "Lucca in the world "find the meaning of their land and thus their identity.


There are many initiatives dedicated to the revered Holy Face of Lucca, but also many cultural initiatives in respect of traditions, from music to sports, entertainment.


Lucca - various locations
2017 september 1/30

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Comune di Lucca
Palazzo Orsetti, via Santa Giustina
tel. +39 0583 4422

Vecchia Porta san Donato, Piazzale Verdi
tel. 0583 583150 -

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