INCONTRI AL TEATRO DI VERZURA - Gianfranco Svidercoschi presents “Francis the arsonist”

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The so-called Garden Theatre is a typical element of the Italian gardens starting form the eighteenth century. During the fashion of theatrical entertainment in the courts, were built real outdoor theaters to be used in summer and, in the case of elaborate villas and palaces gardens they were also built with the vegetation.


In Borgo a Mozzano, in the former Oblate Convent Garden in Via Roma, 31, just taking advantage of the spectacular setting of a beautifully preserved garden theatre, are held cultural events throughout the summer with guests famous nationally and internationally... literature, science, politics, art, music, poetry, finance, shows alternate on stage.


This is the program of Saturday, September 2:  


at 9:15 pm -  Gianfranco Svidercoschi presents his book “Francesco l’incendiario” (Francis the arsonist), centred on Pope Bergoglio's pontificate.


Please find here the complete program of the event. Please note that the conferences are held in Italian.


Borgo a Mozzano, Giardino ex Convento delle Oblate e Convento san Francesco
July 22 / September 2
at 9:15 pm

free admission

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