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dal 24-6-2017 al 3-9-2017

A new project curated by Enrico Mattei and specifically designed for the interior spaces of the Fortino of Forte dei Marmi and for the Garibaldi square will be inaugurated on Saturday 24 June at 18:30.


The marble works of Fabio Viale, winner of the Henraux Award for sculpture, are on display. Among them is a door "The Door", that inspired the title of the exhibition, and is part of the colossus of Constantine, preserved at the Capitoline Museums, which the Piedmontese artist reinterprets with his language.


Part of the exhibition are alsa the artwork Venus, a reproduction of Milo's Venus, also tattooed and over two meters high, the Nike of Samotracias made of polychrome,  two works of the Orbitali series, air chambers in the amazing knotted version.


The works of Fabio Viale are famous as they represent a challenge to the material every time, like the Aghalla marble boat that floated and moveed in the waters of Venice during the Biennale.


The event is organized by the Council for Culture and Tourism of the Municipality Forte dei Marmi in collaboration with the the Art Gallery Poggiali, Pietrasanta.


Forte dei Marmi, Fortino and Piazza Garibaldi
24 June / 3 September 2017
Hours: every day 21:00 / 24:00
free entry

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Ufficio Informazioni Turistiche Forte dei Marmi 
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