IN PAOLINA'S GARDEN - Gran Galà del teatro popolare toscano

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A billboard packed with events, organized in collaboration with the Pinocchio Cultural Association, will enliven the warm summer evenings in the garden of the villa where Paolina Bonaparte, sister of the Emperor Napoleon, spent the last years of her life. The garden, which was once much wider, has been transformed into an open-air theater with 200 seats, and a stage where music, book presentations, theater and cabaret will alternate.


This evening, Saturday, September 2nd, the program features: Gran Galà del teatro popolare italiano with the protagonists of the summer season at Villa Paolina's Garden Theatre.
Conducts: Dado Martino.


Please find attached the complete program of the shows.

2017, July 1st
/ September 2nd
Viareggio, Civic Museums of Villa Paolina, via Machiavelli 2
at 9:15 pm
Admission € 15,00

More information

 Civici Musei di villa Paolina 
Via Machiavelli, 2 - 55049 Viareggio (LU)
Prenotazioni telefoniche e informazioni: 328 5924115

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