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dal 8-7-2017 al 1-10-2017

60 satirical designers, for a total of 150 works, have agreed to say their opinion about Donald Trump. They do it by grieving "their pencil as a weapon to mock Trump, so as not to succumb to a blind and uncontrollable power."


Among the designers on display Liza Donnelly, from the New Yorker, shows us a Donald who can only say words of hate and fear, while Damien Glez draws a Trump as oil tycoon unaware of Africa's problems and negaqtor of the climate change; Egyptian Doaa Eladl fears a nuclear war between US and North Korea; The Tunisian Nadia Khiari ironizes on the ban on citizens of seven Muslim countries in the USA and Andrzej Krauze shows Trump playing blind-man's buff with Britain and Europe.


In short, a top level exhibition on the present-days situation for the summer in Forte dei Marmi's Museum of Satire, which leaves in the mouth a sweet-bitter flavor and the awareness that only through laugh can be exorcised the fear of the " Tycoon" who suddenly and inexplicably became king.


Forte dei Marmi, Museo della satira, Leopoldo Fortress
2017 July 8 / October 1

gusut: daily 18:00 / 24:00 h.
September 1 / 17 : daily 17:00 / 23:00
September 18 / October 1: daily 16:00 / 20:00
free admission

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Museo della Satira e della Caricatura
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