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In the summer months of July, August and September, the MuSA (Virtual Museum of Sculpture and Architecture) organizes a series of events featuring protagonists of internationally renowned artists who live and work in Pietrasanta, their stories and the artistic contribution they have Made the "Little Athens" famous all over the world.

During each single meeting we will converse with each protagonist by recalling anecdotes and stories that have made their lives meaningful. We will seek the motivations that have led him or her to embark on artistic career often far from his/her own origins. In support of the conversation will be screened detailed video interviews on the MuSA screens accompanied by many images that reflect the working years.


This is the meeting program:


Friday 14 July - at 6:30 pm - Emanuele Giannelli


Friday, July 28 - at 6:30 pm - Lisa Roggli


Friday 4 August - at 6:30 pm - Stefano Pierotti


Friday, 25 August - at 6:30 pm - Giovanni Balderi


Friday 8 September - at 6:30 pm - Yemisi Wilson and Maria Gamundi


Friday, September 15 - at 6:30 pm - Daphné Du Barry


At the end of the interview, an aperitif will be offered.


Pietrasanta, MuSA via S. Agostino 61
July 14 / September 15, 2017
at 6:30 pm
Free admission by reservation

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