IL SECOLO BREVE - Tessere di '900

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dal 8-7-2017 al 5-11-2017

More than 50 paintings, exposed for the first time, to offer a precious view on the "short century", the twentieth century. Amazing tiles of a mosaic that shows a complex artistic period, also if it presented one of the most fruitful and creatively tumultuous eras of Italian art. In the exhibition important works of Thayat, Balla, Severini, DePisis, Spadini and Campigli, Rosai, Lloyd, Guidi and Paresce, as well as of Morandi, Guttuso, Viani and DeChirico will be exposed.


In the famous essay "Age of Extremes: The Short Twentieth Century" (1994), Eric Hobsbawm condensed the twentieth century in three periods, without hesitating to define the first period, between 1914 and '45, the "Age of Disaster" because of social wounds and economic downturns suffered from Europe during the two world wars.

If, however, we move the analysis to the artistic field, the vision is not a sunset, but sunrise. No other time was so fertile and rich in fermentation. The exhibition offers a original focus on this tumultuous historical period highlighting a series of "transversal" situations compared to the formal canonical divisions. In their apparent autonomy and expressive disobedience, these dissonant connotations confirm the restless spirit that always characterized Italian art, outlining an unexpected, but homogeneous cross-section of communicating the creative thought of the time.


In this kaleidoscopic panorama, every artist - from Boccioni and Balla to de Chirico and Carrà, from Campigli and Viani to Rosai and Guttuso to Morandi - is a tile of a fascinating and eclectic mosaic representing a prelude to modernity.


IL SECOLO BREVE - Tessere di '900
Viareggio - Centro Matteucci per l'Arte moderna, via G. D'Annunzio 28
2017 , July 8 / November 5
Opening hours:
July 8 / September 10: from Tuesday to Friday 17:30/22:30, Saturday and Sunday 10:00/13:00 and 17:30/22:30. September 12 / November 5: from Thursday to Friday 15:00/19:30, Saturday and Sunday 10:00/13:00 and 15:30/19:30.
Tickets € 8,00 - Concessions € 5,00


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