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dal 30-6-2017 al 23-7-2017

A special exhibition of designer selected by and Daniele Basso among whom Gio Minelli, Anacleto Spazzapan, MA.T.O, Studio Zay, Night Created Design, Judith Byberg, Serap Kormaz, Adriana Lohmann, Matteo Agati, Camilla Carzaniga, Matlight, Alice Corbetta, Maoli and IOTA Project.


A moment to convey Design as a system of excellences, aiming at becoming a recurring appointment of great public appeal.


Forte dei Marmi, Villa Bertelli, via G. Mazzini 200
June 30 / July 23 2017
hours: June 30  16:30/19:30;
from July 1 to 23 h. 10:00/13:00 and 17:00/23:00
Free admission

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Fondazione Villa Bertelli
Viale Mazzini 200, Forte dei Marmi
Tel +39 0584 787251  - 

Ufficio Informazioni Turistiche Forte dei Marmi 
c/o ex Supercinema, via Spinetti, Forte dei Marmi
Tel. +39 0584 280292 -