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Percy Bysshe Shelley, was a poet and philosopher, one of the greatest lyrical romantic. The unconventional life and the absolute idealism of Shelley made it a well-known figure and denigrated for his entire life. But it became the idol of the second and tird folowing generations of poets. After a wandering life, tragic and adventurous, he drowned in the sea in front of Lerici, Italy, at the age of about thirty years. The sea gave up his body on the beach in Viareggio, July 18, 1822, ten days after the sinking of his schooner.


The Club dei Cuori di Shelley organizes this year's Shelley Festival, which will involve the poet's places, and will stage, in addition to Bagni di Lucca and Viareggio, also in Rome and Milan to promote and make known the life and works of the A genius English poet whose destiny is tied to the whole of poetry lovers in Italy.


Program 2017 in Viareggio and Bagni di Lucca


Friday, May 12
h 21:00 Viareggio, Croce Verde,  Barsanti room. Conference and presentation of the book "Il monumento di Viareggio a P.B. Shelley" (The monument of Viareggio P.B. Shelley) - History archive Kruceniski-Riccioni touching Puccini, Viani, the Butterfly and unpublished documents. by Luca P.B.Guidi.


Friday, May 26
h 21:00 - Bagni di Lucca, Shelley House. Study Seminar - "L'esoterismo nelle opere di Shakespeare" (The esotericism in the works of Shakespeare), edited by Rebecca Palagi

Saturday, June 10
h 18:00 - Bagni di Lucca, Shelley House. Opening of Painting exhibition "Mare" by artist Michelangelo Cupisti.

Thursday, June 15
h 18:00 - Bagni di Lucca, Shelley House.  "Là dove va la gente alla moda" (Where is the fashionable people) - 199 years of Shelley in Bagni di Lucca. By Luca P.B. Guidi


Saturday, June 17
h 17:00 - Bagni di Lucca, Shelley House. "Sul romanticismo". (On romance). With Luca Guidi and Bartolomeo Puccetti.


Saturday, July 8
h 18:00 Bagni di Lucca, Shelley House. "Arethusa: mito, poesia e musica tra Shelley e Respighi" (Arethusa: myth, poetry and music between Shelley and Respighi). By Luca P.B. Guidi.


Friday, July 14
h 21:00 - Bagni di Lucca, Shelley House. Prometheus Night. By Gruppo Editoriale Cinquemarzo.


Tuesday, July 18
h 21:00 Viareggio, Croce Verde, Barsanti room. "Quel giorno sulla spiaggia di Viareggio... Gli ultimi giorni di Shelley" (That day on the beach in Viareggio ... The Last Days of Shelley). By Rebecca Palagi.


Friday, July 21
h 21:00 - Bagni di Lucca Piazza di Bagno alla Villa. In defense of poetry: "Shelley e i poeti di Bagni di Lucca" (Shelley and the poets of Bagni di Lucca).


Friday, August 4
h 21:00 - Bagni di Lucca, Shelley House. "Happy Birthday Percy!" poetry readings by Rebecca Palagi.


Wednesday, August 16
17:00 - Viareggio, Monumento a Shelley .Deposizione of flowers on the occasion of the 195th anniversary of the poet's body burned. By publishing group Cinquemarzo.

Saturday, September 2
h 17:00 - Bagni di Lucca, Passeggiata Barrett Browning. Final event of the fourth contest of Poetry Heart of Hearts. By Gruppo Editoriale Cinquemarzo.


Bagni di Lucca,
Shelley House, viale Umberto I
Viareggio, croce Verde, corso Garibaldi, 171
Milan, Rome
2017 april 27 / September 12 
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