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The  tradition of the "Befana" in the countries of the Lucca hills, singing and begging in the streets and roads of the country ... with a side trip "in town".


friday, January 5
The cheerful procession of The Friends of the "Befana" (the old witch) of Mastiano and Aquilea Gugliano will walk with the "Befana" in the children's homes of the villages of the area with stops to sing at various points and to meet back again at 21.00 at the square of the Aquilea bar.


saturday, January 6
"Befana" comes to town, departing at 14:30 from the Amphiteater square until Piazza San Michele, where it will be sung the last song before returning back to Aquilea at 19.00 where the party goes on at the church square.
At 20.00 you can have dinner with the "Befana" and "befanotti" and all the singers and musicians in the parish hall.
The dinner is after volountary donations and the proceeds will add up to that of the "Befanata" for charities.


Lucca loc. Aquilea
January 5/6 2017
h 18.00
free entry

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Comitato paesano di Aquilea
cell. 349 2824472  -

Vecchia Porta san Donato, Piazzale Verdi - Lucca
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