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A series of cultural meetings, topics of high relevance to be discussed and meetings with some authors of bestsellers.

Programme for February and March:


Friday 9 February
9.00 pm - Artemisia, Evening / Debate:
Migranti. Oltre i luoghi comuni dei buoni e dei cattivi. Following, meeting with the author: Ruspe e biberon, by Antonello Mangano. At dinner with old friends. On the Internet and on the bus. Wherever we are poisoned by racist or paternalist clichés. Those of the bad guys and those of the good ones: the bulldozer (to send immigrants away) or the baby bottle (to assist them). But what is the reality?

Antonello Mangano, author of the book, journalist of inquiry on the subject and collaborator de l'Espresso.


The program continues:
Tuesday 20 February at 9:00 pm, Artè:
Bello, elegante e con la fede al dito with Andrea Vitali.
Tuesday, March 13 at 9:00 pm Artè: Evening / event with the tightrope recordman Andrea Loreni.
Friday, March 23 at 9:00 pm Artemisia: Evening / debate:
La prospettiva rovesciata.

Capannori, loc Tassignano, Polo Cultural Artemisia,
via dell'Aeroporto, 10
Capannori, Artè, via Carlo Piaggia
2018, February 9 / March 23
Free admission


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Polo Culturale Artemisia
Capannori via dell'aeroporto, 10 - Tassignano
tel. +39 0583 428434

Artè, cultura e territorio
Capannori, via Carlo Piaggia

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